Velox Italy

In 1920, in its factory in Ferrara, Velox builds the first electrical coffee makers. Since then, Velox has specialized in this field, ensuring particularly quality, safety and design of its products. While maintaining a handmade, Velox has expanded the range of its models, with a constant updating international safety standards.

Even today all coffee-makers and kettles “Velox” are made in stainless steel 18/10 and they are equipped with a nickel-plated endothermic boiler that offers maximum performance and requires no maintenance beyond normal rinsing.


In January 2006 Velox moved to Florence. At the change of ownership, Management and General Commercial Offices were moved to new premises in Signa (Florence), joining Rigel Company.
In 2006 Velox expanded its classic “coffee” line, by adding to traditional electric coffee-makers and stainless steel kettles, new models of coffee-makers (with pods or coffee powder), suitable for home, offices and small communities.